Mission critical graphics 

Defence Imaging

BMT Defence Services Ltd
Realistic 3D renderings to support the successful bid to design the next generation Tide Class tanker for the Royal Navy
MBDA Missile Systems
Shot from 3D rendered movie for marketing and design awareness of an MBDA Missile System
MBDA Missile Systems
Still from CGI animated video of undisclosed weapon system
BMT Defence Services Ltd
Dynamic 3D rendered promotional video of the Vidar SSK
Atlas Elektronik
Advertising poster for Forcis harbour protection system
EADS / Iturri
COMFUT future soldier system. 3D Design development and CGI work
Atlas Elektronik
Containerised Integrated Mine Countermeasures System (C-IMCMS)
MBDA Missile Systems
Still from CGI video that shows the CONOPS of the land based Ceptor / CAMM Missile System
Houlder Ltd
Still from CGI video that demonstrates Houlder's new Turbine Access System for offshore wind turbines.
Atlas Elektronik
Animated video to demonstrate the Concept of Operation (CONOPS) of concept mine countermeasures system (C-IMCMS)
BMT Defence Services
Aegir-26 fleet tanker concept - Technical illustrations for international sales and MOD Fleet tanker tender.
EADS / Iturri SA
COMFUT future soldier programme - 3D Design development support and CGI for design awareness and marketing
MBDA Missile Systems
3D rendered animated video that demonstrats teh deployment of MBDA's Spear missile system
MBDA Missile Systems
3D rendered animated video of mission sequence featuring Typhoon aircraft and visual effects
BMT Defence Services Ltd
Photo-montage of landing craft concept vessel for naval architecture
MBDA Missle Systems
3D animated video of 5th generation fast jet launching advanced network-enabled stand-off air-to-ground weapon
MBDA Missile Systems
Custom mission planning and CONOPS 3D graphics (Concept of operation illustration)
BMT Defence Services Ltd
High resolution wireframe illustration of concept ship
BMT Defence Services Ltd / Kongsberg
Cutaway illustration of underwater AUV deployment system for future submarine concept

Defence Imaging has a track record of creating stunning CGI and Design for the naval, aerospace and defence sectors

We are a consultancy that specialises in the creation of custom CGI movies, still images, realtime 3D and design. We will help you visually communicate your creative visions, concepts and products.

Defence Imaging is a division of Proto Imaging and was created to assist the defence, aerospace, marine and energy sectors in marketing, bid support, design development support, and concept awareness. We have completed over sixty significant projects for organisations such as MBDA Missile Systems, EADS Defense Securité, BMT Defence Services, Karrimor SF, Houlder and Atlas Elektronik.

From CGI marketing videos to bid support concept visualisations, we can work directly with your marketing team, project managers, naval architects or engineers. All projects are bespoke and we work with you to create the optimum result for your require­ments and resources.

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A Consultancy Approach

Every client and project requires a unique solution, and every aspect of the service we offer is bespoke and tailored to meet your needs. We can discuss your requirements over the phone, by email or arrange a meeting and we will listen, guide and inform you on the best solution.

A Proven Track Record

We have completed over sixty significant projects for clients such as EADS, BMT Group, Karrimor SF, Houlder, Atlas Elektronik and MBDA Missile Systems.

Expertise and Experience

Our team has unrivalled expertise in virtually all aspects of 3D CGI, visual effects, and design; We are at the forefront of computer graphics technology and members of our our award winning team have worked at leading CGI and design facilities, including Pinewood Film Studios.


Leading organisations trust us to deliver high-end digital graphics - Whether it is marketing videos of defence systems for MBDA Missile Systems, or strategic bid-support material for BMT Defence Services; our track record is proven.

Secure and Confidential

We are based in Exeter in the South-West of England, United Kingdom. Virtually all our projects are confidential and secure data handling paramount. We build enduring business relationships centred on trust and perfor­mance.

Flexible / Adaptable / Bespoke

All our projects are bespoke and totally custom to your requirements. We adapt to your requirements and will advise during the lifetime of a project to ensure the maximum outcome in quality and accuracy.

Why choose Defence Imaging

Defence Imaging offers a higher level of specialist subject knowledge and expertise. In our experience, a far more proactive and involved approach is required when an organisation is developing major tactical systems or engineering solutions. We operate more like an in-house production team, working to very tight deadlines, meet exacting standards and are flexible enough to integrate our work-flow with those of the client. On a technical level we use more specialised CAD handling software to interface effectively with major industrial, marine and aerospace CAD systems.

Dynamic marketing computer generated marketing video of F35 aircraft Technical illustration 3D animated shot of air launched missile from 3D modelled F35
Photo realistic 3D images of ships and naval vessels Naval 3D animated video graphics of Type-23 Destroyer 3D animated augmented reality - AR
3D animated marketing video for concept product Cut-away illustrations of engineering concept designs Technical illustrations - line drawings from CAD for print
3D animation of Typhoon for aerospace Animated CGI product video of Typhoon delivering missile system 3D video of F-35 Lightning II for aerospace marketing for Farnborough
High quality 3D visuals Sea ceptor missile 3D animation and advanced 3D rigging CAMM missile 3D marketing video for exhibition
3D computer generated photo montage of military landing craft Missile launch animated 3D video Missile launch animated 3D video with visual effects and advanced 3d rigging
3D for design development support of future soldier programme Illustration of concept of operations - CONOPS Simulation 3D video for marketing
3D product video for defence and maritime Underwater 3D CGI movie of submarine 3D character animation underwater

Applications for CGI

Concept visualisation
Animated movies
Technical Illustration  
Bid Support  
Marketing and advertising videos
Design development support  
3D Product visualisations
Fly-throughs & 3D virtual tours
Augmented reality / Interactive 3D
3D Simulation
Digital worlds and environments
Digital retouching  





Promotional video to illustrate Atlas Elektronik's existing and future mine clearance capability. Including live action, 3D animation, and narration, the video was an essential component of the recent demonstration to an audience that included high ranking RN Officers.

Product video with 3D CGI, live-action, and narration

Our bid-support CGI graphics supported BMT DSL's succes­sful bid to become design contr­actor of the new Norwegian Logistics and Support Vessel

Bid support graphics

Defence Imaging create 3D marketing videos for the MBDA Missile Systems's advanced, network enabled stand-off air-to-ground Spear weapon

Interactive 3D configurator

Defence Imaging create stunning CGI visuals for the new for the new Royal Navy Tide Class MARS Tanker. Commiss­ioned by the MoD, these are the primary images of the new vessels

3D visualisation of ships

Defence Imaging's CGI videos and visuals of MBDA's new Ceptor missile are rel­eased inter­nation­ally. This core UK Complex Weapons prog­ramme will replace the Sea Wolf, ASRAAM and Rapier missile systems

Computer visualisation of missile

Design development role with Karrimor SF in the development of various load carr­iage systems, includ­ing the British Army's new patrol pack

3D design support



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